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All four Ladies were pregnant at the same time

Princess Alexandra was pregnant with James Ogilvy (29 February 1964)

Queen Elizabeth II with Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex (born 10 March 1964)

The Duchess of Kent with Lady Helen Taylor (born 28 April 1964)

Princess Margaret with Lady Sarah Chatto (1 May 1964)

A golden jubilee for four Windsor offspring 

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Happy Birthday to The Lady Rose Victoria Birgitte Louise Gilman (née Windsor; born 1 March 1980)

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Windsor men in the Irish Guards Mounted Officer’s uniform, in Guard of Honour Order

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My pet peeve with the BRF is that they always offer the husbands a title instead of the Royal daughter. Like why can´she have a title, it doesn´t even have to be inherited by her children. 

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Maud Elizabeth Daphne Marina Windsor (*15 August 2013)

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The 42nd person in line to the British throne, Maud Elizabeth Daphne Marina, was christened today December 16, 2013, at the Chapel Royal at St. James’ Chapel. The private ceremony was not attended by any senior royals, although Princess Eugenie was asked to be one of Maud’s godparents, but was unable to attend as she is currently in New York. Maud’s christening gown was last seen on little Prince George of Cambridge. It is a replica of the original christening gown made for Queen Victoria’s first child, Victoria Princess Royal in 1841. The replica was commissioned by The Queen in 2008 after it was obvious that the original gown was becoming much more delicate. (x)

I know that it’s probably not a big deal at all, but I feel like it’s so lame that none of the senior royals attended. I mean … shouldn’t someone have been there as a representative of Her Majesty, since it was a royal christening etc?

IA. It´s not like Prince Michael is a distant relative, he is still the cousin of the Queen. 

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George and Maud wearing the Honiton lace robe

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Christening of Maud Elizabeth Daphne Marina Windsor, 16.12.2013

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Time that the Windsors make a new family photo with Kate, George, Maud, Mike and Baby Thor.

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