Imagine Gordon Brown and Margarita had stayed a couple and the monarchy restored, Brown would be Prince Consort.

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1948 King Mihai I and his mother Princess Elena arrive in London, greeted by Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent. The King was forced to abdicate by the communists in January 1947. 

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1920s Queens and Princesses Fashion [bonus]
Although many Queens and Princesses adopted the fashion of the 1920s like Queen Marie of Romania, the dignified Queen Mary seemed to have been stuck in the Edwardian Era. Until her death her style would be inspired from this period where she shined as Princess of Wales and then as Queen.

↳ Queen Marie and Queen Marie of Romania

26.06.2014 Leka Zogu and his fiancée Elia Zaharia, visiting Romania. They were invited by Margarita, Crown Princess of Romania and her husband Prince Radu. Pictured here with Prince Nicholas. Leka is the pretender to the Albanian throne and would be King if the monarchy was restored.

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SĂRBĂTORIRE: Alteța Sa Regală Principele Radu al României a împlinit 54 de ani (pe 7 iunie 2014)

CELEBRATION: HRH Prince Radu of Romania turns 54 (on June 7th, 2014)

Crown Princess Margarita of Romania with his husband Prince Radu.


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King Mihai I of Romania

Queen Elisabeth of Romania (29 December 1843 – 2 March 1916)

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The Royal Family at Săvârşin, 24 December 2013

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