A blog about the Borbóns, Windsors and various other Royals from the present and past. My all time favourite is the Princess of Asturias. Before you add me, go through some pages to be sure.

The major of the Norwegian city Namsos, Morten Stene, invited Harry to celebrate the anniversary of the constitution on 16th of May. But he can´t, because he is busy. How could he decline, look at this mans devoted face! [x]

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I don't know what you guys see besides his kind heart, Harry is very unattractive, William just lost his hair but he is very handsome and always was. Harry reminds me of Conan Obrien, just looks like any other ginger, I don't get the obsession. Quite frankly most of you wouldn't give Harry your number if he was a regular guy that passed by you in the park and sweetly told you he noticed how beautiful you were. Most of you would decline. Only because you know he's a prince you're over the clouds

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Well, i do think he is hot, so…

He is very attractive for me, being kind is just something that makes it better, if he was an ordinary man asking my number I would totally marry him lol but its just my opinion, I respect yours but man, he is hot.

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Am I the only one who thinks his chest looks like a surprised face?

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I heard, someone wanted a bit more Harry on their dashboard! Happy Easter! (✿◠‿◠)

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….stop flirting you two.

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Are they flirting?? Kill me now.

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