Harry should marry a man. Tom Hiddleston would be a nice choice. He would also dress Harry better.

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The right girl would give up their career in a heart beat to be with Harry, and put up with crap.I'm not saying it will be easy, but it sure as hell will be worth it.

This is what Diana probably dreamed for her daughter-in-laws lmao

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Inspired by Daily Fail

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if infanta sofia were older, and she and harry married, do you think it would be weird? would u find them too closely related?


Okay, it’s 6;30 in the morning so I’m not entirely sure I’m looking at it correctly, but it looks like they are third cousins. 

Sofia is the grandchild of Queen Sofia of Spain, who was born Princess Sofia of Greece and Denmark. Harry is the grandchild of Prince Philip, who was born Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark. Philip and Sofia are first cousins so that would make Harry and Infanta Sofia third cousins.

The thing is - all the royals from every monarchy are related to each other. Probably in more than one way. Even Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth are related - they are third cousins themselves. 

So does it sound weird if I would say that third cousins doesn’t sound too closely related? I think that they’re age difference would be a bigger issue for me than them being third cousins :)

Yeah, imagine the wedding


Nothing like sibling rivalry in sports.  

british royals attend the commonwealth games in glasgow | july 28th, 2014