A blog about the Borbóns, Windsors and various other Royals from the present and past. My all time favourite is the Princess of Asturias. Before you add me, go through some pages to be sure.

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….stop flirting you two.

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Are they flirting?? Kill me now.

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Prince Harry and Alexander Skarsgard everyone

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Prince Borat

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I can't stand Cressida, but even I hope Richard gets an invite to the wedding, lord knows he deserves it, the amount of Pushing he has been doing for Cressida, poor bloke, here's hoping Harry and Cressida sent him a piece of wedding cake.

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Where do these Richard jokes suddenly come from? Lmao

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Harry and Cressida could both go to McDonald's and both order a Big Mac and Richard Palmer would be like ' this is a significant step in their relationship, it shows how in sync and compatible they are'

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Prince Harry observing Queen Sofía of Spain, Mallorca 1986

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