1955 King Haakon of Norway, oldest reigning monarch in the wolrd, beat out a young Duke in a race to see who would help Queen Elizabeth II into her car. King Haakon, 83, did a bit of foot work to beat the Duke of Edinburgh, the Queens husband, and help the young British monarch into her car. The Queen is shown riding with King Haakon on her arrival for a state visit of Norway.

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The King and Queen of Norway, 1923

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Royal namesakes - Scandinavian Heirs Queen Victoria of Sweden, née Princess of Baden and wife of King Gustav V - Crown Princess Victoria. King Haakon VII of Norway - Crown Prince Haakon. King Frederik IX of Denmark - Crown Prince Frederik

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Queen Mary and King George V in Norway. They attended the coronation of King Haakon VII and (George’s sister) Queen Maud in June 1906. 

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King Olav V with his parents King Haakon VII and Queen Maud

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King Christian X of Denmark, King Gustav V of Sweden, King Albert I of Belgium and King Haakon VII of Norway

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