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The Prince of Wales, with Prince Arthur and Count Gleichen, received on the staircase of the Stadtpalais Prinz Eugens (now the Finanzministerium) by the Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria (1873).

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King Edward VII of Great Britain was quite a playboy in his day, and his wife, Queen Alexandra had often ignored his infidelities and wild escapades. As he lay on his deathbed, his faithful wife was grief stricken until one reassuring thought occurred to her. She turned to Lord Esher and remarked, “Now at least I know where he is.”

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While Queen Victoria lay dying, a member of the royal household mused to Edward, Prince of Wales, “I wonder if she will be happy in heaven?”
Edward matter-of-factly replied, “I don’t know. She will have to walk behind the angels—and she won’t like that!”

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When Edward VII was a child, he thought Victoria would be Queen, because she was so smart.

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Family resemblance

King Edward VII/Prince William

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