The Duke and Duchess of Kent with their son Nicholas

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Kent - Duchess of Kent - Katharine Worsley - Duke of Kent - Prince Edward -

Princess Anne carrying a confetti basket leads the other bridesmaids at the wedding of her aunt Princess Margaret . On the left is Prince Charles with the Queen’s uncle Sir David Bowes Lyon (brother of the Queen Mother). The Queen Mother is behind Princess Anne and on the right of the Queen Mother is the Duchess of Gloucester. In the background the Duchess of Kent and Prince William of Gloucester. (Photo by Victor Blackman/Getty Images)

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The Duke and Duchess of Kent and Princess Alexandra

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Kent - Princess Alexandra - Katharine Worsley - Prince Edward - Duchess of Kent - Duke of Kent -

Princess Michael of Kent (Baroness Marie Christine Anna Agnes Hedwig Ida; née von Reibnitz; born 15 January 1945) 

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Princess Michael - Kent -

Marina Victoria Alexandra Ogilvy, Paul Mowatt and their daughter Zenouska May Mowatt.

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HRH The Duke of Kent and his daughter Lady Helen Taylor attending Royal Ascot. 

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it looks so weird seeing the old Duke using an Iphone - I mean it´s cool - you know what I mean - Duke of Kent - Prince Edward - Kent - Lady Helen Taylor -

1948 King Mihai I and his mother Princess Elena arrive in London, greeted by Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent. The King was forced to abdicate by the communists in January 1947. 

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King Mihai I - Romania - Princess Elena - Princess Marina - Duchess of Kent - Kent -
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Prince George, Duke of Kent

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