Paparazzi are literally creepy scumbags.

Who was the celeb who had paparazzi shouting swearwords/insults about her personal life and spitting at her in order to “get a facial reaction” that they could sell?


What Kate really thought

As for speculation about when Prince George will have a sibling, Nicholl reports that there are rumors among the couple’s friends that they plan to try this summer.
- Vanity Fair August 2014 Issue (via princessestelles)

Royal Connection [1/?] 

Two Art lover

Princess Victoria Mary of Teck lived for a time in Florence/Italy, because her parents made huge debts in the United Kingdom and they needed to economise but also to escape the ridicule from the high society. The stay in Italy was a fruitful time for May, who enjoyed the arts, the churches and in general the culture Florence offered (later she tried to interest her granddaughter Elizabeth into art, but she favored horses).

Years later Catherine Middleton went to Florence for her gap year to participate in a language course to prepare for Chile. In 2005 she made her Bachelor’s degree in history of art with „Upper Second-Class Honours“. In 2011 she married May’s great-great-grandson William. 


- Jimmy Fallon’s Monologue; July 7, 2014

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Kate leaving Clarence House for the wedding reception at Buckingham Palace, April 29, 2011