A blog about the Borbóns, Windsors and various other Royals from the present and past. My all time favourite is the Princess of Asturias. Before you add me, go through some pages to be sure.

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Happy Birthday King Philippe!

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King Philippe Birthday Spam, oh yes.


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Grand Duchess Joséphine Charlotte of Luxembourg (right) with a friend, 1931

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Happy 11th wedding anniversary! 

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Stéphanie (21 May 1864 – 23 August 1945), Princess of Belgium, Crown Princess of Austria and Princess Lónyai of Nagy-Lónya

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Princess Léa of Belgium with Elia Zaharia, Albanian actress and dancer and fiancée of Prince Leka of Albania.

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While the Queen Mother disliked retouching, Queen Astrid of the Belgians took advantage of it and requested that her moles should be removed. A photo from the same session shows a flawless skin and hollywoodesque glamour.

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